I can't believe anyone would think this is a good idea, but watch these this guy attempt to be funny with a game of 'peek-a-boo' by putting a toddler in a washing machine!  What he did not realize is that the machine has an auto-lock feature and the baby was instantly trapped inside as the machine started up and began to cycle.  Luckily a fast thinking employee was able to stop the machine and ultimately free the toddler.

The man who put him in is not the father of this child, but was with the babysitter who was responsible for watching him at the time.  The mother of the child has since come out publicly to state she is pressing charges against this man and the 'babysitter'.  She didn't even know about this until the footage was released and she saw it on her local news.

He will face no criminal charges because there was no criminal intent, according to Yahoo.com.