I watched "Alive", the movie about the soccer team that is stranded in the mountains and I watched "The Perfect Storm" about the fishing team that sinks in the ocean. This one touched me and if you want to read on, follow the link at the end of the exerpt.

"This is the last-ditch effort, but I'm going to go for help or you're not going to make it," Henderson told Coen, just before cutting the strap that connected them in the deep, cold waters off the Texas coast.

"I understand," Coen responded, giving Henderson a last set of instructions. "Kiss them babies for me."

It was Friday around 4 p.m. when they parted.

On Tuesday, days after the fishing trip ended in tragedy, Henderson recounted the harrowing tale for The Associated Press, alternating between sorrow, guilt and laughter as he recalled the last 30 hours of Coen's life and the pain of living life without the man who had been his best friend for 25 years.

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