Yesterday my computer was running pretty sluggish.  It was so bad that the mouse would freeze in the middle of the screen.  I asked around the office about what I should do, and the answer I got was install two programs.  Wow what a difference.  I immediately installed them on my computers at home.  Now my old laptops are like new!What programs am I talking about?  The first is  CCleaner.  It basically deletes a bunch of useless files and extensions your computer acquires daily.  I freed up 1.3 GB just by clicking a button, and I haven't lost anything important.

The other program is called Malwayrebytes.  This searches out and deletes harmful software that snuk on you computer from the very dirty internet.  On my computer at work, I found 4 harmful files that were really slowing them up.

Before you go and chuck your old computer because it's painfully slow,  give these programs a try.  I bet they will help!