Growing up I've watched so many shows that say we will have robots and flying cars.  So far, our life is nothing like The Jetsons, but that could soon change!  Are you ready for the future?

A few months ago a video was leaked of a mysterious robot. Now, after its official launch I can tell you that the mystery bot is none other than the Luna from RoboDynamics. RoboDynamics is a major innovator in telepresence, and Luna is a beautiful 5’2″ (157cm) tall robot capable of telepresence on its 8 inch LCD touchscreen face. Yet Luna is also much more than that. It’s RoboDynamics leap into the personal robotics fray, and it’s not only open source it’s also affordable. Available in the fourth quarter of 2011, Luna will only set you back $3000. Cheap? No. But that’s way less than other telepresence robots, and it could be just the right price to attract a league of developers who want to take advantage of Luna’s App Store as an emerging market. That’s right, RoboDynamics isn’t trying to build another household robot, they’re aiming to create the commercial robotics platform that will revolutionize the way we use personal robots