If you're crazy for bacon, you'll love this week with the B105 Breakfast Club Show!!!  We have super fun  prize packs from Bacon Addicts.com to give away!  I didn't even know they made bacon air freshners!!!  Let me break down the whimsical items that you can win all this week!

Of course this is all a preface to our highly anticipated Baconpalooza coming up on May 8.

Here's the cool bacon items you can win that will make your bacon-lovin' fun friends jealous.

  • Bacon Strips Adhesive Bandages (band-aids, lol)
  • Uncle Oinker's Savory Bacon Mints
  • Bacon flavored toothpicks
  • Funky fresh sizzling bacon scented air freshener for your car
  • Bacon inspired bracelet

Be with Ken and Cathy in the 8am hour for your chance to be the proud owner of items that any bacon enthusiast would be thrilled to own!