It's been a long time coming, with a lot of support from several Northland communities.  You began to hear more and more about a local company called "Locally Laid" around the Super Bowl because they were vying to win a free TV commercial during the most watched sporting event in the nation.  They didn't come in first place, but second place is nothing to cluck at either!

I grew up in Wrenshall, so seeing Locally Laid bring recognition to my small hometown is thrilling!  I'm kinda bummed that they had to shoot the commercial in California with stunt chickens and not in Wrenshall, but hey it's a free commercial, take it when you can get it, right?

There's more great things on the horizon for the company too.  According to a report from WDIO-TV, they are opening three new farms in MN this summer and early fall and hope to