Congratulations to Brandon Moe who came back with a Gold Medal at the Special Olympics State Tournaments at the University of Saint Thomas. Over 1800 athletes competed in Basketball, Aquatics, and Power/Weight Lifting.

carla moe used by permission

Brandon has been lifting for the past four years, but started serious training in November for the area and state meets, and the training paid off.  Moe dead lifted 205 lbs, Benched 145 lbs and Squatted 220 lbs, good enough to take the top spot and claim a gold medal.

Brandon is a busy guy, he is graduating in June, turning 21 in July, and testing for his adult 1st degree black belt in Sept. He also recently was awarded a medal for Bowling. Brandon is still in training for a meet at St. Scholastica College for Open RAW Power lifting of MN.

Brandon Moe also takes sportsmanship seriously as he cheered on the other teams and  competitors.  Special Olympics encourages all the athletes to cheer for each other and have a good time, but once it's time to compete, they all have their game face on.


Brandon cheered on the Duluth All-Star Basketball team for his friend Connor Nordvall whose team claimed the gold in basketball.

Congrats Brandon, and good luck with your Black Belt test!

carla moe used by permission