You know that Montgomery Gentry song, My Town?  Well it was the inspiration behind our song about Hermantown.  I rewrote the lyrics to make it apply to Hermantown, and I hope it makes the town proud.  Excuse the singing, we are not quitting our day job. 

Here's the lyrics, so you can sing along!

There’s a for sale sign on a big ol’ fifth wheel camper

Can’t miss is, it’s the first thing that you see

Just up the road’s a giant soccer ball weather tower

It says “national weather service radar”

Hey there’s an f-16 fighting bulldog flying over

Coming back to the Air National Guard


And this is Hermantown, na na na na na

Yeah, this is Hermantown, na na na na na

(hey) where the hawks were born, and hockey’s played,

And championships of yesterday,

Where summer’s warmer away from the lake,

And winter really isn’t all that great,

Where the whole town comes out for summerfest,

and every year the parade’s the best!

This is Hermantown, na na na na na na yeah…

This is Hermantown, na na na na na na


There’s a whole lot going on here since 2000,

This once little town just keeps expanding,

Out of the ashes of the great depression,

Those Jackson project houses are still standing,

And in 2020’s census  population,

Hell, hermantown might just make 10,000!

And maybe later, me and mayor Wayne will show you around…. Hermantown!