I saw this list on yahoo today that shows the calorie counts of your favorite beers.  Naturally, my favorite beers aren't really on the list, but they do have some popular ones that I've tried.  Here's what you can expect from these beers.

Here's the full list with calorie counts from Yahoo.com.

So let's just go right down the line:

Beck's Premier Light / 64 calories:

Tastes actually ok for a light beer.  I mean it's 64 calories only, and you can't beat that.  Compared to Miller 64 it's pretty darn good.   Compared to a full rich craft brew... it's water.

Amstel Light / 95 calories.

This would probably be my pick for the best tasting beer under 100 calories.  It's got quite a bit of taste for only 95 calories.

Budweiser / 145 calories.

There is nothing wrong with Budweiser, definitely more flavorful than bud light, and not really that much more calories if you break it down.  Bud light has 110 calories which is only 35 calories less than a full tasting beer.

Coors / 149 calories

Coors and Budweiser are similar, both being full American Lagers.  Funny thing is that those rockie's you see on the can are actually a Canadian mountain range even though they brew it in Colorado.  Coors is nothing to turn down, it's a classic American beer.  It's not called the "Banquet Beer" for nothing.

Corona Light / 105 Calories

I remember this beer actually making a worst light beer list a while back.  I thought that was a little harsh for it.  A light beer is never going to taste as good as a full body beer.  Stick a lime in it and you can't really tell the difference from a Corona Extra which is 148 calories, in my opnion.

Guinness / 125 calories

I've never been a fan of Guinness, but that's just my taste.  A lot of people like the thick heavy beer, and they'll be happy to know it's a lot less calories than they probably thought.

Miller High Life / 143 calories.

I've drank a lot of Miller High Life.  I think it's one of the best cheaper beers out there.  It's got a full flavor and year ago was considered a premium beer.  It's called "The Champagne of Beers."  It's got your typical amount of calories and it's something that's regularly priced lower than more expensive, lesser quality beers.

Miller Lite / 96 calories

Sorry Miller, while I do like a lot of your products, this isn't one of them.  It's probably the most watered down tasting beer under 100 calories.  Next to the Miller 64, of course.  (Which tastes like sparkling water.)


Those are the beers that I'm most familiar with.  Feel free to disagree, everyone has their favorites.  And when it comes down to calories, what does it really matter in the end when you drink enough of them?  They will all give you a beer gut if you drink more than just a couple.