If you've lived in the Northern Midwest, you've probably seen these around during those hot, humid summers.  It's the refreshing beer that everyone can enjoy.  Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy is a blend of lemonade and wheat beer, which tastes better than you may think.

It's best enjoyed on a hot day.  That's why it's only available from March-August, and we're ok with that.  It's a special treat just for the summer.  It's light, refreshing, and evenly blended between lemonade and beer.  It's an interesting mix between sweet and bitter, that tends to lean a little more on the sweet side.

I'm not usually a fan of fruity, citrus beers.  But with Summer Shandy, you know what to expect and it delivers that.  I'll enjoy 1 or maybe at the most 2 in a sitting, before I've had enough of the sweetness.  My wife loves it, and a lot of other lighter drinkers enjoy this as an alternative to hard lemonade or beer.  I'd score this beer as a solid 8/10.