This isn't some kind of motivational speaking crap about how you can achieve your goals and blah blah blah.  This is much simpler.  It's how you can control your dreams while you are sleeping.  Some people naturally can, but for most people you need to practice.  Why control your dreams?  Well you can do whatever you want in your dreams, and you can even turn scary dreams around. I stumbled upon an article last week that gave a few tips on lucid dreaming that immediately started working.

Among the things to do, is simply use a pen and put a dot on the inside of your palm.  During the day, everytime you see the dot, ask yourself "Am I dreaming?"  You need to train your mind to become more self aware of reality.  It sounds strange, but it works.

To realize you're dreaming, you'll need to do a reality check in your dream.  You should already be doing these, since you've been practicing while you are awake.  It can take a little time, but you'll find yourself doing it.  One of the things that was helpful to me was the number trick.  Numbers don't stay the same in your dream.  If you look at a clock in your dream, look away and then back again, it will be different.  That's what happened last night and then I knew I was dreaming.

Unfortunately, I'm still in the stage where you are so excited that you've figured it out, you wake up.  I'm going to keep working on it.  Check out this video for some other tips.