We just learned earlier this week that ABC has ordered the full season of Nashville, and its a good thing!  They've got plenty of drama to keep things going.  Here's some thoughts on what happened in last night's episode.Juliette Barnes is still a cold-hearted brat who only is making a zoo appearance to help get her image...and tour... back.  That's where she meets rookie quarterback Sean Butler, and goes on a date because it will help her image.  He's a goodie two shoes.

While out on their date, she whisks him away to a club where they actually end up having fun.  On the way leaving the club, Sean defends Juliette against some paparazzi and an unfortunate picture is taken that makes Sean appear drunk and disorderly.  To save his image, Juliette purchases the pictures from the paparazzi.  Awww.   How sweet.   Could this be a romance that can help ground Juliette from her crazy self?  Let's hope so!  And plus, Sean seems like such a nice guy.

Rayna is producing her own album, and went to a rock producer LIam trying to get a new sound.  He first dismisses her as "mom's and suv's,"  but the persistent Rayna comes back and get's him to talk to her.  He persuades her to get drunk, she blacks out, they record some great music.  Anyone else feel really uncomfortable about this?  Either way, the label head Marshall doesn't like him, and it will be a fight for Rayna to use him.

Scarlett and Avery broke up.  She expects him cheating on her with that manager chick Marilyn, and calls it off.  She moves in with Deacon.  Even though initially Avery pushed away Marilyn, he figures "Oh what the heck," and goes back to her door to finish the deal and have her make him a star, after he "signs her guestbook."  You know what I mean.

Last but not least things are getting nasty in the mayoral race.  Lamar sets up a routine traffic stop to make Coleman late to a "Clean Campaign Pledge," making Teddy look better in the polls.  During the stop, cops found the Oxycontin that Deacon gave Coleman and place him under arrest.  Uh oh, looks like it's getting complicated.

Meanwhile, crazy Peggy (played by Kimberly Williams Paisley) can't stay away from Teddy and volunteers for his campaign.  Girl, get a clue.  Get out of there!  You're affair is obvious to the guy snapping pictures of you too.  Which brings us back to Coleman who was slipped the pictures.  Will he bring this to light, ruining Rayna's marriage, or just let is slide.   My guess is it will come to light down the road a few episodes.

Next week looks good!  Rayna and Juliette are forced to duet together on a show.  Sparks and fists are flying!