Believe it or not, I dodged a bullet.  They really should have Mother's Day on a different weekend or something.  Why have it on fishing opener?  After packing everything up, going to the cabin and getting ready to fish, I realized that I totally forgot to get my wife something for Mother's Day.  What am I going to do???Luckily I had a few things going for me.  First off, I took her fishing with me.  So it's not like I abandoned her for the whole weekend.  Next, I was also bringing home a ton of fish, so that made her happy too, but I still needed a gift and what am I going to get her that she'll really enjoy.

I remembered the grocery store near our house sells flowers, so I went there at like 8:30 just before they closed and grabbed some flowers.  I needed something else that she would like.  I thought for a minute and came up with a great idea.  Ice Cream!  She loves ice cream.

I got home, handed her a bag of fish, ice cream, and flowers.  She said it made her day.  Happy Mother's day to a great mom and a wonderful wife.