It makes you wonder what they'll come up with next!  It sounds and looks delectable, but can you imagine the calories?  Of course, if you are training for Grandma's Marathon, you just might need the extra carbs and you can run off the extra calories, however, there is an easier way to carb-load for the race.

Plus, you'd have to do a little traveling to the PYT Restaurant in Philly for the Lasagna Bun Burger.  It's their "burger of the week".

What's a lasagna bun you ask?  It's two thick (did ya get that...THICK) slices of deep-fried mozzarella & ricotta lasagna.  Deliciously sandwiched between them is a meatball-seasoned juicy beef patty.  Then, the whole thing topped with provolone and the PYT house made marinara. Oh, and being the queen of theme I love the fact that  it's served with Italian-Parm fries.

But, there is a much easier way to get your carbs at Grandma's Marathon.  With the Michelina's All-You-Can-Eat Spaghetti Dinner on Friday, June 21.  Whether you're coming in to pick up your race packet, visit the Health Expo, just got done running the William A. Irvin 5K or you're a spectator/fan, you're invited to enjoy delicious spaghetti.

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