In the July-August 2011 issue of "Wild Times", Lake Superior Zoo's newsletter, the animals have some specific wishes for the summer.  If everyone chooses one or two things to donate, we'll round out the list in no time!  Here's the list, what can you give?

TREATS (the animals wanted me to start with THIS one!)

  • Granola, fruit loops, fruit snacks, honey, maple syrup, jelly, molasses, juice, canned tuna, chicken and salmon

TOYS (this was another important one to the animals)

  • Frisbees, bird toys, tennis balls


  • CD player,  CD's-nature sounds and instrumental, spice rack, spices, scents (perfumes, etc)


  • Micheal's, Barnes and Noble, SuperOne and Menard's

Any donation is greatly appreciated by the animals AND the humans!