Lake Superior College Integrated Manufacturing students have been busy this semester.  They are learning "hands-on", engineering, molding, welding and machining a remotely-controlled robotic machine.  It's a labor of love that may be destroyed in minutes before their eyes.  You can be part of the thrilling action!

The only robots I dealt with when I was younger were the "Rock em' Sock em' Robot" game.  We didn't have the opportunity to build robots when I was in school. Especially robots that are so efficiently designed and engineered.

This is a game of Bots, but on a whole different level!  But, how do you prove that you have the best of the best?  Well, a one-on-one tournament-style format, of course.  LSC’s Battlebot Competition will slam into the LSC Commons on Tuesday, May 6 at 10am.

Some of the bots will use moving blades, some use heavy drop-down hammers. some will rely on speed.  But, they all primarily exist to destroy their opponent.

If you are a fan of hand crafted technology, then you'll want to check out LSC's Battlebots 2014 and applaud the students!