Planning on travel this Memorial Weekend?  You aren't alone.  According to AAA, 34.8 million Americans will take to the roads for the holiday, but not with out concessions. Some will hold back on spending by not paying for entertainment, many will stay closer to home.  Obviously you're going to spend a lot on gasoline, but you can save a few bucks if you check out this website to find the cheapest gas.

Just click below and enter the address/intersection of where you are located.  All the gas stations within the area will pop up with their price of gas.  From there, you can choose the best price.  Make sure to bookmark this page so you can easily bring it up on your phone while your traveling and continue to pay less!  Text, use Facebook, email and tell your family and friends so they can save money too!

Nearest Cheap Gas Is [HERE]

Enjoy the holiday weekend, keep it safe and save money on petro!

Cheap Gas Locator:  Mapquest