Penguins are adorable!  Take one look at the little honeys and you'll want to help, IF you can knit.  I may have to learn just to be part of this project.  The Penguin Foundation needs your help to clothe the little buggers for a couple of different reasons.  Can you help?

The Penguin Foundation has been helping to rehabilitate the birds since 2001. If you're a knitting enthusiast, use your talents to make and donate small woolly jumpers for sick penguins.  Phillip Island’s Penguin Foundation uses the jumpers to help rehabilitate birds that have been affected by oil spills or similar leaks from fishing boats.  It not only keeps them warm, but also prevents them from injuring their beaks when they try to clean the toxic oil away from their body.  Oil on their little bodies make them less waterproof!  It mats and separates penguins’ feathers which damages their natural insulation and waterproofing systems.  Poor things!

Here's what you need to know to help: