During the Vikings game yesterday I saw a commercial for KFC's new Chicken Littles.  In a testament to advertising, I immediately wanted one, so I drove to the KFC.

I think it could have been the pickles that perked my interest.  I love pickles, and the combination of fried chicken, pickles, and mayonaisse is delightful.  However, there is one draw back to this sandwhich:It is little.  I know, I know, it's even in the name "Chicken Little."  But this is really little, like smaller than in the commercials little.

The fact that it tastes so good, makes you want to eat more too, and then you're out.  The chicken little meal deal has two sandwiches, one side, and a drink, and it's around $5-6 bucks.

My recommendation, if you're hungry for a meal, get 3 chicken little sandwiches.