We've been fans of Farley's food for quite some time.  They won best pizza at our Northland Pizza & Wing Showdown, and recently started doing a lunch buffet from 11-3.  So Kelly invited us over to try out their buffet and let him know what we thought.

Ken Hayes:

There are 3 things every buffet absolutely needs to have:  soup, salad, and pizza.  Farley's hits high marks on all three and even offered pasta and Alfredo sauce.  They also had some delicious chicken wings too!  The salad bar had everything you expected and was nice.  But come on, I just eat salad because I'm supposed to.  Cathy is more of a salad girl.

Then, they give you a choice of soup.  I think one of them was ham and potato, but I opted for the chicken wild rice.  Which they nailed.  It was from scratch, (of course), and very creamy and delicious   To be honest with you, I  probably was already full from the soup and salad, but that didn't stop me from going back.

Farley's is becoming well known for their gourmet pizzas.  I used to be a traditional sausage and pepperoni guy (which they do offer!), but after trying some of their specialty pizzas I have learned to appreciate new things.  For example they have a delicious Cuban pizza to try along with their four meat, supreme, and other varieties. When you go to try pizza, have an open mind.  You'll probably find a new favorite.

For 8.99 it's well worth it.  For about the same cost as a fast food joint, you can get a quality home cooked buffet from Farley's.  It doesn't hurt your wallet, but your pants may be a little tighter on the way out.  Mine were.  (I should have exercised restraint, but it was too good.)

Cathy Kates:

There's a lot new with Farley's Family Restaurant, 4899 Miller Trunk Highway, Hermantown!  Besides the fact that they won our Northland's Pizza and Wing Showdown for BEST Pizza and they have a new Lunch Pizza Buffet, they will also be taking their delectable eats on the road to Country Fest this year!

That's right, you'll find local owners Kelly and Elizabeth Trumpold with their food booth at Country Fest.  Isn't that cool? You'll be able to get your favorite foods while enjoying your favorite country artists. It took some doing, but I was able to get Kelly to share what he plans to serve to the festival fans.

 On the menu:

  •  Walleye on a Stick
  • Pork Chop on a Stick
  • Beer Battered Onion Rings
  • Mini Donuts
  • 10 different choices of Chicken Wings (which you will also find on their new delicious lunch buffet)
  • and a special frozen confectionery they call Icee's (and Kelly says they're BIG ONES)

There are so many different things to enjoy at Farley's whether you're in the restaurant.  My daughter's favorite is the Gyro, I love their Alfredo Pasta and my husband couldn't stop raving about their Chicken Wild Rice soup.  I think the secret is how creamy it is!  But, if you find yourself at Country Fest, make sure you schedule a stop at Farley's food booth, you're supporting one of our very own businesses and it's guaranteed to be fabulous!