Last night was the first time we got to see Kellie Pickler and Wynonna Judd perform on ABC's Dancing With The Stars.  Kellie Pickler was a highlight, and Wynonna held her own.  Check out the videos!

First off Kellie Pickler- what a stunning performance!  I think she deserved higher scores.  She was a natural and she looked the best.  Her score was 7-7-7, bring her tied for second with a score of 21.  And I just gotta say, she is gorgeous.

The other country artist we are watching is Wynonna Judd.  She's obviously no stranger to performing, however she did admit that she feels a little insecure about her dancing.  She got the steps right and looked good, although she could relax a bit more and let loose.  She scored 6-6-6, bringing her to 18 out of 30 and ending up in the middle of the pack.

Another highlight that we should mention is the youngest competitor on the show, Disney star Zendaya Colemen.  She scored the best 8-8-8.  Her score 24 was at the top, however I think that Kellie danced just as well.