Excuse the pun, but while I've been on vacation, something on NNC caught my EYE.  The Eyes Forward Campaign.  Texting is a huge distraction and while this campaign is geared toward students, we adults should perk up and take notice of the warnings and consequences, before it's too late!

According to the NNCnow.com, the Eyes Forward campaign is looking to stop Northlanders from texting and driving completely, not just a once in a while.

Eyes Forward is asking area school aged students to take the pledge and they hope to incorporate some businesses to have on-site pledge drives that will give the opportunity to talk to drivers face to face. Last year over 8,000 drivers pledged to the Eyes Forward campaign.

More and more people know someone who was in an accident because of texting while driving.  Thousands of lives are affected by the injuries it can cause.  I appreciate NNC spreading the word of this opportunity, as a community, to take a stand against this growing problem.  I thought I should continue the circle and share the info on B105's website as well, please pass it on to your friends on family via facebook, twitter, or email....it could save a life!  Better yet, lead by example and take the Eyes Forward pledge yourself.

Thank you for taking the pledge!  Stay safe this New Year's Eve and I look forward to another year together on the Breakfast Club Show when I return from vacation after the holidays!!!