Another great chance for you to go to the Josh Turner Concert on Sunday. I will be at Ropers tonight from 8 pm to 10 pm. Plus we'll have a chance for you to be invited backstage at the show.

Moon Shine Run will be on stage with the usual drink specials. The earlier you get to Ropers the more chances you have to win.

The person or persons that win the tickets will then get a chance to go backstage and be invited to our special Josh Turner pre show party.

When you show up, tell me the name to Josh's latest record and I'll give you an extra ticket in the drawing.

Here's a hint from Josh's Website:

“With this record, I had just gone through a lot of craziness in my life,” recalls the father of three young boys: Hampton, Colby and Marion. “We had just had our third child and I had spent two years building a writer’s cottage, a log cabin for me to write in. It was a very stressful time getting all that done.”

But when the bell rang, Josh was still standing. And with something to show for it--all eight songs that Josh wrote or co-wrote for the album were conceived in that very cottage on his Tennessee property. A refuge from the distractions of life, the cabin, with its wraparound porch and stone fireplace, also serves as a depository for Josh’s priceless musical mementos. “It has all the awards I’ve won over the years, a red, white and blue Telecaster that Buck Owens gave me and an original ceiling joist from the Ryman auditorium,” he says. “They’re all things I hold dear.”