There was a time once when I had time to make my own patties.  Once and a while I still do.  It's part of the grilling process.  However there are days like yesterday when I've got to be a million places and it's nice to just throw a pre-made patty on the grill.  I saw the Johnsonville Grillers on sale at the grocery store and picked it up to try.  Here's what I thought.

I chose the bacon and cheddar grillers made with premium cuts of pork.  This is an important note.  THIS IS NOT A HAMBURGER.  It's a pork patty,  basically a sausage patty.  The package came with 6 1/3 lb patties and was priced at $9.99.

Ken Hayes

It's a pretty thick burger, and they don't shrink when they cook like hamburgers do.  In fact, they plump up, making one griller plenty filling.

Ken Hayes

(I took a picture before we at the last ones... Almost forgot!)

So so far we've got a couple of positives:  Big, plump up, not a bad price.

Now here's where I'm on the fence.  It tastes like a great bratwurst.  Really, it's a good brat.  But psychologically something is wrong with it being on a hamburger bun and on a patty.  For me at least, I struggle with it.  It's like I'm expecting to taste a juicy bacon cheese hamburger, but instead I'm getting a bratwurst taste.  It's not a big deal, and we did enjoy them.  I guess I wish that they would do these special bacon & cheese combos in their regular bratwursts and let us try it in a hot dog bun.