Hey, there's still a few weeks left of grilling season.  Maybe you're even having a hard time picking something different to  grill.   Sometimes we can't make it to the specialty meat shops... but look!  Here's something new from Johnsonville:  Chipotle & Monterey Jack!

I found these at Walmart and threw them into the cart.  Why not try something new.  Let's live adventurous.  (And with my somewhat sensitive to spicy foods stomach, it is an adventure whenever you see chipotle.)

They grilled up easy, but as always be careful for the bratwurst grease fires you tend to get.  We bit into them, and it was delicious.  They are mild, and that's how they taste which is fine for me.  There's a bit of spice to it, but not like the italian sausage recipe.  This chipotle does have a bit of that southwest flavor.  The monterey jack cheese is a nice touch as well.

Definitely worth a try, and not priced bad either at around 4 dollars.  Grill on!