I am half Filipino and half Irish, quite the combination, I know.  When I was younger, I heard my mom and my aunt on my dad's side talk about my relatives in the Philippines and Ireland, but at that young age, I didn't have the desire to seek them out.  Both my mom and aunt have passed, and I thought searching for past members of my family would be impossible, until I saw the Family History Workshop.  Here's your invite!

Have you ever wondered about where you came from?  I mean you, your eye and hair color, your personality, your likes, dislikes....it's all part of your heritage.  I hear of so many people, especially as you get older and need past medical history, that wish they knew more about their ancestors.

Here's a FREE opportunity to not only learn about resources that are available for you to do research, but for people who don't know where to begin, the Twin Ports Genealogical Society will provide assistance.

This event will help you track your family tree.  It will be held on Saturday, October 20 from 11a-4:3op at the  Duluth Public Library  in the Green Room.  They will have also have reference staff available to help you use the Library's resources, such as computers, microfilm and of course, print.

The event is open and free to the public and no registration is required.