It's been rumored that I run Grandma's Half Marathon every year just to get out of broadcasting that day.  Honestly, my co-workers put in a day that involves more energy and stamina than if I were to run the full marathon!  But, truth be known, I run the Half Marathon just to see if I can finish.  I've been running the half marathon for 11 years, after marrying an honest to goodness marathon runner, my goal  changed from wanting to finish, to actually trying to better my time.  Last year I trained all year.  Yes, even when it was winter and -20 below.  It paid off, I improved my Personal Best time by 16 minutes!!!  I was hoping to improve again this year, until the unthinkable happened.  I ran myself out of cartilage in  my left ankle.  So, the search was on for an ankle specialist that would bring me back up to speed.  I am dedicating my blog today to Dr. J. Christiaan Coetzee of the Minnesota Orthopedic Sports Medicine Institute.  I am THRILLED with my surgery results!  My surgery was on December 2, it's the middle of January and I am already riding a stationary bike and can begin running (albeit, gingerly) as soon as I feel ready.  I appreciate, not only Dr. Coetzee's expertise, but his warm, compassionate bedside manner with a dose of humor.  Oh, and he's a runner too, and has run in Grandma's Marathon!!!  Thanks to you, Dr. Coetzee, I'll see you on the course.....although, I'll be behind you!