It's such a tragedy, and it is heartbreaking to hear the story of what happened to Alyssa Lommel.  The UMD student was found on her neighbor's porch after being outside in -17F weather all night.  She had been out partying with friends when they dropped her off at home.   She never made it inside.   After being in the hospital for weeks, she learned yesterday that her fingers and toes would need to be amputated.   I can't imagine the pain that she and her family are going through.  It's a terrible accident that could have been prevented.  That being said, it could have also happened to any of us.

Shortly after the story made the news there were several posts on social media that bullied Alyssa.  Most comments had to do with, "That's what you get for getting so drunk..."

Of course, that's real big, to kick someone when they are down.   The internet gives people the freedom to say whatever hateful or harmful thing without accountability.

I'm sure if Ms. Lommel could go back and do that night over again she would.  I can admit that I've done some pretty stupid things in my younger days.  This could have happened to me.  After talking with friends, a lot of them agreed to.  It could have happened to them.  Unfortunately drinking responsibly is usually only learned with experience.

My motive in saying all this isn't against alcohol, or parties, or college drinking.  People need to look out for each other.  The people that dropped her off said she didn't appear to be that intoxicated.  They are going to have to live with the guilt of this accident as well.  A lesson learned here is that always watch to make sure someone makes it into their house.

Alyssa, I pray that you find the courage to tackle your obstacles.   We're praying for you.   I know that someday you'll need to forgive yourself for that night, and I just want you to know that it could have happened to any of us.