We end one war, and we may be headed for another.  Let's hope cooler heads prevail.  World politics can be confusing, so I'll make this really simple:

Iran has been working on developing nuclear technologies for quite a while.  They say it's not for weapons, the rest of the world says, "Yeah right."  To put pressure on them to stop enriching uranium (needed for nukes), countries along with U.S. have imposed sanctions on Iran, hurting their economy.

So what does Iran do?  They threaten to shut down the Strait of Hormuz.  It's a narrow strait of water that is vital in keeping oil tankers moving and keeping the global supply of oil stable.

So they flex their muscles a bit, test firing missiles capable of reaching US bases in the mid east.  They also say they will take action if the US Navy sends a nearby carrier back into the strait.

So it's a stand-off, and diplomacy isn't looking great right now.  Let's hope everybody just takes a chill pill, because Iran can't win a war, but quite frankly, can the US afford to get back into another?