Let me be perfectly clear.  I hope all of these people that are having their problems get the help they need, or at least they can straighten out their lives.

But what the heck is going on?  It seems like there has been a rash of people in the public eye lately that have been arrested or somehow involved in misconduct.  Let's recap who comes to mind:

Thom Pertler - Arrested for DUI, Open container, etc.

Rep. Kerry Gauthier - Drops re-election bid after sexual encounter with 17 year old boy at rest stop.

Todd Hoffner -  Head coach of Mankato State Football.  Arrested for child pornography.

Kristine Marie Lyons - Chairwoman Moose Lake School Board- Arrested for third DUI.

Honorable mention:  That creepy dude that had sex with a dead deer, and now arrested for robbery at Walmart.

I'm not going to beat up these people or even throw my thoughts in on it.  That's not the point of this blog.

The point is, "What the heck is happening?"

I'm scared.  I'm scared that tomorrow I could take an allergy pill and next thing you know I'm found running naked across the construction side of the Blatnik Bridge.  Is there something in the water?  Is this a sign of the end of the Mayan calendar?  Is the world ending?

When's the last time you remember so many local figures getting into trouble all within the same couple months?  AND LET'S NOT FORGET ABOUT RANDY TRAVIS!

Be on the lookout.  Be on your best behavior.  Don't mix prescription drugs with alcohol.  Avoid all bath salts, artifitial drugs, etc.  There's a conspiracy here.  Something is happening.