I was at a bar hosting a party one time. I always make the rounds in the hopes of meeting new people. I look down the bar and all I can see is the din of light from phones on the faces of all the people at the bar. I even went up to a couple and said, "How is your date going?". They said, "We're having fun, it's our first date". Here they were on a date, texting and not talking.

I know I'm not an old man yet. I still like meeting people and talking to them, and learning different ways of thinking and ways of living life. Part of the reason I took this job was to meet people.

I got to thinking, am I so far behind that maybe I should have a special text version of my midday show. Now I know most midwesterners aren't the best at speaking to one another. Hey, hey, how are you, ok, what you been up to, work, alright see ya, bye. That was a lot of words for us.

Statistics from a Pew Internet & American Life Project show that, these days, many people with cell phones prefer texting over a phone call. It's not always young people, though the data indicate that the younger you are, the more likely you are to prefer texting.

Let's get back to talking. (Get's on soap box) Then, we can have better racial and sexual harmony. (That sounded dirty).  We might not agree, but we wouldn't have the coldness of text to speak our minds.