If you watched the ACM's last night then you saw Jason Aldean take a huge risk.  He performed his newly released single "Dirt Road Anthem".  The song features a type of country rap in several parts of the song.  Jason Aldean told Blair Gardner last night on B105 that he was confident in the song because it has been a huge hit with audiences during his live performances.  Is country music ready for rap?

I really like Jason Aldean.  He is one of my favorite performers and I really enjoy his music.  "Dirt Road Anthem" is a little different with the rap, but I don't think it's that bizarre.  There's no thumping music and no explicit lyrics.  Really, it's another form a music with rhyming lyrics.  After all, if Sugarland can sing reggae, then why can't Jason Aldean get jiggy with it.  The crowd seemed to like it.  It's definitely not my favorite Jason Aldean song, but I still enjoyed it.

Aldean isn't the first country music person to try the country music rap thing.  Or as I call it "crapping".  Remember Cowboy Troy?

I actually really enjoyed this song too, from Colt Ford called "Chicken And Biscuits"

And intersting note, Colt Ford was a co-writer of "Dirt Road Anthem"