It's a sad thing to see pop up on the internet.  In fact, I generally try to avoid reading "comments" on articles when I'm surfing the web because most of the time the comments are nothing but stupid.  1 out of 10 comments are ever positive.  People are so brave to say whatever they want on the internet, and in person they are afraid to tell their waiter that they messed up their order.  

So today I am beginning a new topic that I will continue until the jerks of the world finally shut up with their internet comments.  Meet our trolling jerk of the day :  John Cook.

I was using stumbleupon for some inspiration on articles and such, when I found this article about boats lost at sea.  It was a very good article, and something that interested me.  Then I moved down to read some of the comments to see if someone had any more wrecks to add to the list.  And I saw this guy:

After twenty years of continuous sailing aboard my 57 foot ketch and studying the oceans and the sailors who venture there (I'm a psychologist) I can say with certainty that most disappearances are caused by stupid people who spent no time attempting to look at sailing in a rational manner, and learn what should be done when the boat seems to be in peril of sinking.

Usually these are very religious people brainwashed by the church to place all their trust in one of the 9000 various gods (In America they are taught that some bronze age fool called Jesus is a god and will save them) and by doing so, they lose much of their rational thought and make poor decisions when they are frightened. Often, these idiots jump overboard, thinking their boat is sinking, and leave a large stable craft that often--quite often in actual researc

hed incidents--does NOT SINK. Then, in the small rubber boat, they find out just how difficult, insecure, and uncontrollable it is in a storm. If the big boat scared you, the small one will be terrifying beyond all you can imagine. 

A major sailboat race off England (I think) was disrupted by a severe storm that caused some twenty fools to think their boats were in danger of sinking. Because these idiots had little factual training on how to handle such conditions (and additionally these were very religious people duped into that silly god myth that the fools attempt to follow as they ignore realities) they left the big boat and jumped into the dinghy. Most were killed as they drowned at sea.

See what captain dipwad did here?  He turned an article about boats into a religious assault.

Honestly I don't care what he says and it's not even his message that makes him the jerk of the day.  It's that this guy has nothing better to do with his time, then write a 9 paragraph comment, that he knew was going to upset people.  That's a troll!

Another person went on a commented defending their religion.  John Cook responded with ANOTHER 6 PARAGRAPHS!  Check out the article to see more.  But congratulations John, you are our internet Jerk of the Day!

This is from his facebook account.  He says it is a composite picture of himself with his degrees and undergraduate degrees.  Apparently they don't teach you how to use a camera in graduate school, you moron.