Candy canes, what do you know about them?  The most popular flavor is peppermint, they're red and white striped and usually only available around Christmas.  Some people eat them, others use them for decoration and crafts.  But, times have changed, flavors have changed and believe it or not, the shape has changed from when they were first introduced as a peppermint stick.

They were first called peppermint sticks because they didn't have the curve at the top when they were introduced in the 1400's, thus the name peppermint stick.  I assume the stick was white because it wasn't until the 1900's that the red stripes were added in Sweden.  Many countries appear to have a hand in the candy cane because it was a choirmaster in Germany that bent the peppermint stick to include the curve.  His was thought he believed it resembled the shepherd's cane.  Other theories include a candy maker in Indiana decided to added three red stripes to the candy cane which were meant to represent the Holy Trinity.  Some people the curvy shape was to resemble the "J," for Jesus.

As I said, most people ate the candy cane, but soon it was discovered as a way to decorate the holiday tree.  Then came the total makeover with flavor and now candy companies are cashing in with Jolly Rancher, Starburst, Life Savers and even Sweet Tart flavors.  Most of the flavors I saw offered were fruity, but there was one that caught my eye on, pickle flavored candy canes.

Watch how candy canes are made:

If you buy candy canes this holiday you'll have contributed to the more than 2 billion candy canes that are sold between November and December.  But eat up, they only contain 50 calories and have no fat or cholesterol, but are high in sugar content.  We use them in our house to stir our hot chocolate, I think I'll go make a cup right now!

Info: Jodi Morse/Yahoo Contributor