Today is officially the deadline for filing income tax returns.  You have until tonight at midnight.  Did you know that while Abraham Lincoln was President, an act of Congress in 1862 imposed the first federal income tax on the U.S. to finance the Civil War. It provided a 3% tax for people making $800 to $10,000 dollars year. 5%, for those that made over $10,000 a year. By the way: Lincoln died in April 15, 1865.

You want more useless tax trivia, you say?  Well lets get this tax party started:

  • In ancient Roman Days, they used to tax urine since it was a highly valued cleaning agent.
  • Unshaven Russians used to pay a tax on their beards.
  • An average of 3 hours of each workday, go to pay your taxes.
  • One out of every 5 Americans wait until the last day to turn in their forms.
  • 2 million documents are lost by the IRS each year.