Duluth Depot


The Immigrant Waiting Room is now open  at the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center, the Depot.  It is the largest, new awe-inspiring exhibit to open at the Depot other than DAI gallery changes, in several years.  But wait.....there's more coming this summer!

You can expect eight more new exhibits, displays and showings to open between now at the start of the summer tourist season.

This new exhibit was a collaborative effort that involved the St. Louis County Historical Society, Lake Superior Railroad Museum and Historic Union Depot Corporation.

You'll be impressed when you visit the Depot. It houses something for the whole family from the North Shore Scenic Railroad to the St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center.  You'll also find the Duluth Playhouse and the Minnesota Ballet, plus more.  Come experience the heritage!

Info via: Press Release/Ken Buehler