Like most people, I've had my fun (or lack of it) with credit cards.  To be honest, when I was younger they did get the best of me.  It's easy to rack up debt and seemingly impossible to pay it off.  Then we get our pants scared off with an article like the one I read today and I'll share with you.I'm one of those people that uses a check card or credit card for almost every transaction.  It's a good method for me since I have a tendency to blow my cash like Charlie Sheen in Vegas.  But wait! There's 8 different kind of people to watch that are trying to steal your credit information!  Gasp!  And one of them is you!!!  What???  Read this story I found from yahoo "8 People You Trust With Your Credit Card, But Shouldn't" Wow what a long title.

I personally like the one about yourself.  I've been the idiot who signs up for a credit card, missed 1 payment by 10 days, and then saw my APR jump up to 34%.  Credit cards can make you feel so small and like a complete idiot who can't even tie his shoes.  Then when you're on the phone with the credit card company you have this bewildered look on your face and say things like "oh... uh huh.... what... and then %&^*! "Who understands it anyway?  And do you really read the fine print?  But I learned a big new vocab word that day, "Default APR".  And I haven't forgotten it.  Good luck!  We're gonna need it!