I am a man and yes, I do have a cat.  Well, technically it's not really my cat, it's our family's cat.  Her name is Loca.  When we got the cat from Animal Allies, her name was "Loco" (which of course is crazy in Spanish.)  That should have been our first indicator.  Oh the fun we've had. The first day we brought her home, she literally hid for a week.  I was convinced she had found a hole in the floor of our house and had escaped.  Then one day, she decided to come down and eat some food.  So after 7 days, she became a part of the family.

Or not, because every time our then 2 year old came into the room, she would hide on another level of the house.  After a good 6 months, she finally let him pet her.  Loca has a very slow learning curve.

She doesn't drink out of a bowl, dish, or plate.  We've tried.  Instead she prefers the toilet.  I discovered this when I found paw prints from the kitty litter all over the toilet seat.  Which, being a germaphobe,  I always have to wipe off.

Loca is very nocturnal.  Sleeps all day, runs around crazy all night.  When we go to bed, she wakes up and starts racing around the house.  Usually that lasts until about 2 am, where she finally comes to bed and goes to sleep.  Always on top of me.

She eats too fast, and sometimes throws up.  It's almost a game to see who steps in it first.  Sometimes, I'll hear the stomach start pumping, and I'll be lucky enough to catch the event.  The best time was when I tried to pick her up off the couch and she threw up all over the window, and on me.

Loca loves the ceilings.  In our old house, she would jump onto the table, through a vent in the furnace, then on top of the washer and dryer, then up into the ceiling.  She'd stay up there for hours.  When we moved to our new house, she managed to find a way into our basement ceiling.  Now I've pretty much got the house cat proofed.  But I'm sure I'll find her somewhere else.

I'd like to say that through all of this she's been a wonderful companion to our family.  But in reality, she's just a cat, and they could care less.  (I'm kidding, we love her.)