If you're like me you are on the chilled side most of the time.  Your destination will be the white sandy beaches of Riviera, Maya Mexico and the temps will be tropical, however, the plane ride to your destination will be chilly.  Plus, of course traveling in comfort is always a plus!  Here's some suggestions:

I don't consider myself a world traveler, but from experience I know that once the plane is in the air the cabin cools off considerably.  Jeans are a staple and something you probably won't wear while you're on vacation.  Skip the denim, jeans are restrictive.  However, for women, you ARE going to be singing and dancing to your favorite country artists, Dierk Bentley, Billy Currington, Brantley Gilbert and Jana Kramer, so packing a denim skirt is advisable. While traveling go for a long pair of pants made of comfy fabric.  (one that dries quickly in case you spill).  Or, heck wear your denim skirt, but leaving in February may require a pair of tights underneath until you hit warmer weather.

As far as on top, layering is key!  Start with a cute little tank top, next a button up the front country-style shirt that you can wear to the concerts too and polish it off with a hoodie which will double as a light wrap in the evening in Mexico.  Just in case there is a soft, refreshing salty breeze blowing off the ocean under a sky filled with stars while you're walking barefoot on the white sandy beaches at night.  (Sigh!)

Finally, slip-on shoes are a must. You'll have to take them off when you go through security, so make life easy. Maybe a pair of boat shoes or slip on tennis shoes. You will be allowed to keep socks on, but remember you'll be walking around in them on the floor of the airport. Course, you'll end up pulling them off and putting them in your carry on once you arrive in Mexico because it will be heavenly warm!

Remember, the metal detectors will pick up ANY metal.  Skip the belt and wear pants you can keep up without one.  If you can do without the under wire bra while traveling or cute little embellishments on your undies, do it.  I've been stopped for that before and IT IS EMBARRASSING!  Once while I was traveling to Memphis to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital I was stopped because the bling on my shirt set off the detector.  So word from the wise, choose what you wear very carefully.

Leave room in your purse or carry on for clothing you take off during the flight.  Also, at the risk of sounding like your mother, remember your sun glasses, sun screen and just in case you end up waiting for your luggage (and if you have room), throw your swimming suit in your carry on too.  Then you won't waste a minute of beach time waiting for your suitcases to arrive, you'll be ready to roll (or dive) right into the vacation of a lifetime.