(Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

It's almost that time of year where it's time to put our motorcycles away.  A lot of people I know make this a pretty complicated thing.  Some of them spend hundreds of dollars paying people to winterize their bikes.  Let's not over complicate things, here's an easy way to winterize your bike in no time.

1.  Change the oil! It's a good idea to change the oil before you put the bike away for the winter.  Also change the filter.  There's two reasons to do this.  First, when oil breaks down there are many different detergents in it.  Some experts say that those detergents can become corrosive if they sit idle over winter.  Fresh oil solves that problem.  Secondly, when it's spring, you can just start it up and roll!

2.  Fill The Tank and use Stabil! You want to fill the tank to the top because that will prevent any moisture from coating and rusting the inside of your gas tank.  Also, using Stabil (a fuel additive) will keep the gasoline fresh so it will be good to go in the spring.

3.  Hook up a battery tender! This is the biggest lesson I've learned.  Motorcycle batteries suck.  If you leave one long enough, it will be dead and never like it was even after you charge it.  The best way is to invest in a battery tender.  They are relatively inexpensive and you'll get a few years out of your motorcycle battery.   It stays plugged in all winter and when it needs a charge, it charges it.

4. Take out the spark plugs, add a couple drops of oil. It just once again helps protect the inside of the motor and cylinder with oil.

5.  If  you have one, put it on a center stand.

If you follow those simple steps you'll be able to fire it up in the spring and ride!