My father died when I was seven, my mom passed in 2000 and at the time I told her I would continue her tradition of fresh flowers in the cemetery basket for her and dad.  As I put that into prospective, she drove past the cemetery every day to work and it was easy for her to stop and water the plants in the cemetery basket.  I rarely pass by the cemetery now that I am not living in the area and that makes a basket of live flowers nearly impossible.  I'm sure my parents understands, but that lead me to research what to use instead of a cemetery basket.My husband's parents are buried in a cemetery much closer to our home, so they now have the basket of live flowers.  If you are unable to water the flowers at your loved ones grave site, I'm hoping these ideas will help you.

First, check the cemetery's decorating rules. They usually reserve the right to regulate the way their property looks.  I would hate to have you put time, money, effort and love into something then not be able to use it.  Here are some ideas:

1.  Buy or make a grave blanket.  They are available throughout the year and can be laid on top of cemetery plots. [instructions on how to make one].

2. Try using a shepherd's hook on the cemetery plot. It keeps your decoration off the ground out of the way of the lawn mowers.  Hang something nature-friendly, like a bird feeder.

3.  Use religious markers on the cemetery plot customized with their name and birth and death years.

4.  Take the holiday to heart and decorate a cemetery plot wreaths at Christmas, jack-o'-lanterns for Halloween and flags for national holidays. Holiday decorating generally begins one week before the actual holiday and most importantly, remember to take decorations down after the holiday has ended.

5.  Colorful pinwheels, solar lights and home made crafts also add a personal touch to a cemetery plot.

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