Some areas of the Northland have already received significant snowfall.  Meteorologists are saying that this weekend we could see 3-6 inches locally, more on the South Shore.  Want to know when your street will get plowed?  Should you use salt or sand on your sidewalks?  Ever wonder what the regulation were for shoveling snow?  The City of Duluth takes on your frequently asked questions and I guarantee you'll learn more than you expected.

Should you use salt or sand on your sidewalk?

They say either can be used, just remember you're responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalks near your home within 24 hours of the end of the snowfall.

Want to get plowed out faster?

If available, make sure to park in your driveway or garage and not on the street.  It takes more time for the plows to go through the neighborhood if they have to dodge vehicles. If you must park on the street, park legally and remind your neighbors to do the same thing.

Legally means that you should park on the correct side of the street, don't get too close to intersection or park too far away from the curb.  You should also be conscious of how close you are to parking in the alley and intersection right-of-way.  Expect to get a ticket if you park illegally, especially if it disrupts the ability to remove snow.

Drive safe and remember, you can always get weather information and radar on the B105 website 24/7.