I know everyone has a scheme to make money, and Facebook is no different. Instead of clogging up my space with ads, why not charge other businesses that are posting for free. Ok, just an idea. Now when choose that you like something, you may be influencing your friends and your friends may be influencing you. Either way, it's costing you money in the long run. I wonder if we could click that we didn't want ads on our facebook page, how many of us would do it?

With the average Facebook user devoting eight hours a month to the social network - and many much more - it is already a significant drain on time and productivity.

But it has now emerged that cutting back on checking up on online 'friends' could not only save users time, but it could save them money too.

New research shows that Facebook users are heavily influenced to make impulse buys based on the recommendations of contacts on the social media website.