We've all used it, the parking lot that gives us a view like that in the picture above.  Some families have taken pictures of their children feeding the seagulls, some have parked there to walk the Lakewalk, runners have recovered after Grandma's Marathon.  I have lived in the Northland all my life and honestly didn't know the parking lot had a name, and now, it's been changed.

The public parking lot located on the lake side of the 500 block of Canal Park Drive has been renamed the “Lighthouse Lot.” Formerly called the “Marine Museum Lot” and sometimes the “Canal Park Lot,” the new name highlights the unique location of the facility and serves to differentiate it from the nearby Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center, which is not affiliated with the parking lot.

You may have noticed that recently there is a new pay system for the Lighthouse Lot.   Since early August,  it's been a gate-less pay-by-space configuration.  You are expected to pay for your numbered space  at the automated pay station or via the cell phone payment system. Don't worry if you have no cash or coins, you can also pay via credit or debit cards.  Or, you can choose to pay by phone. You call 866.234.7275 and follow a simple voice prompt.  Those who pay via phone receive a text message reminder approximately 5 to 15 minutes before their parking expires with the option to purchase more time.  Sign of the times, I guess.

Whether you choose to park there, or elsewhere when you visit the Canal Park area, you are part of history.  You'll be able to say, "I remember the day they re-named this parking lot"!