You've had a horrendous day, car broke down, no time for lunch, proposal was submitted past deadline, and you were late picking up the kids from daycare at a $5 per minute charge, NOW, what are you going to make for that hungry family?  Here's help.

You finally made it home and the question "What's for dinner" is being echoed by the entire family (even the dog!).  If it was just you, you'd settle for a piece of stale toast and couple of wrinkled grapes at the bottom of your crisper, but THEY won't.

There are now websites that allow you to enter what ingredients you have on hand and give you tasty recipe choices  to satisfy.  No thought on your part, YEA!!!

Some sites even allow you to search with dietary restrictions such as vegetarian or a gluten-free diet.

Check these out!  SuperCook and Recipe Matcher.

Of course, nothing is better than a tried, true recipe from a you have an easy recipe idea to share with me?  Tell me the name of the recipe in the comments below and email it to me at  If anyone sees a recipe they would like in the comments below, let me know and I'll email it to you.  Happy easy eating!