Over a year ago, my sister-in-law joined the Peace Corps and flew off to Guatemala.  After a very long flight, and 5 hour bus ride on a small road, followed by riding a donkey for several miles, she arrived at her destination.  It's truly amazing the work she is doing down in Guatemala with the Peace Corps.  Here's how you can help.Part of what Callie is doing is teaching youth in the community to help themselves by organizing groups and identifying problems and working on solutions.  Many problems in undeveloped countries are caused by lack of education about issues.  That's where Callie and other Peace Corps workers come into play.  They help educate and give the youth (and often times adults) the knowledge and tools to better their life.  Here's a little of what Global Youth Service Day is all about in Callie's words.

My goal is to raise funds for a mini grant program here in Aguacatan and surrounding communities where youth groups can solicit funds to create solutions for their own community problems. I plan to train teachers and other youth workers in Service Learning and Project Design and Management in September preparing them to lead students in GYSD projects in the spring. Groups of students and youth will work in the beginning of the school year in January to identify needs in their communities and will plan projects to address those needs for Global Youth Service Day in April of 2012. Youth groups will have to create their budget, plan their projects and will be able to request funds to do so. This project will provide students with experience in planning and implementing projects and will also provide them with the knowledge that, although they are young, they can still be leaders in their communities.

I hope you will considering making a donation to help out what Callie has sacrificed so much for.  She is very passionate about helping these people and communities and any donation will be a big help. You can read more information on her facebook link.

Donations can be sent to

Friends of Guatemala

P.O. Box 33018

Washington, D.C. 20033

**In the subject line of the check write "Callie Ronstrom - Cat II"