McKenna Pope is 13 and has a 4 year old brother. Her brother wants an Easy Bake Oven for Christmas, but is embarrassed to ask for one because of the "girl" colors that are available, and the teasing he would take from Uncles and friends.

So, McKenna came up with a plan. Petition Hasbro to come out with a Blue oven, and start marketing to boys as well.

I have the same problem. My son Sam likes the color Pink and also wants an easy bake oven, but is constantly told by friends that it is a girl toy. He asks me all the time. Dayee (he can't say Daddy) I want my own oven but (name) says that's a girl toy. Can I get one or is that a girls toy. I always tell him no.

I do the cooking at home, I told him when I was a kid it was ladies that were doing all the cooking but that has changed. As everyone knows I am one of the few straight men that loves fashion. I would watch the Fashion Channel whenever I could to see the latest. Doesn't hurt that beautiful women model all the clothes.

When I saw there was a young girl fighting the fight to get something her brother was comfortable with, I had to post this to help her.

Here is her video plea.

Thanks to Margo for helping me find the petition.