This month's 'Lunch With The History People' takes place this evening at a special time, because who wants to hear ghost stories in the middle of the day?  Tonight from 6pm - 7:30pm inside the Great Hall, at the Depot in Duluth, you can hear some amazing tales from the  Minnesota Paranormal Study Group.

The Minnesota Paranormal Study Group (MNPSG) of Hibbing, Minnesota is a non-profit, which investigates haunting claims.  The team consists of individuals from various backgrounds with ordinary jobs, who all have a passion for the paranormal.  According to team member Adam Nori, "Since 2001, the Minnesota Paranormal Study Group has been exploring what goes bump in the night around the state of Minnesota!  In addition to discovering the unknown in the darkness, the team also consults with several paranormal television outlets and serves as the original Minnesota representatives for the TAPS Family!"

Tonight's event is free and will be presented in a theater-style setting.  The Depot is located at at 506 West Michigan Street in Duluth.

Have a spook-tacular time!