This last Saturday started out as usual.  We had breakfast, and then slowly got into our day.  Which means we all migrated to the living room, turned on some cartoons for the 4 year old, and we sat playing on our smartphones.  Yes, I know.  This is sad.  But then something pretty cool happened.The TV was on Nickelodeon.  I was playing some app on my phone when I heard the tv sound like a playground.  I looked up and it said "Nickelodeon Worldwide Day Of Play.  Every few minutes, an announcer would explain that we're outside playing, and you should too!  It lasted the whole Mid Day!  No programming at all.

After about a minute, I looked at Zach (4 year old), and my wife (age a secret) and said, "Let's get outside."

Of course this is the Northland and it was 35 degrees out, so we had to bundle up.  We spent the rest of the morning raking leaves, playing in the yard, etc.  So thanks Nickelodeon for snapping us out of our lazy zombiness.