This movie recommendation to get you in the mood for Halloween is a movie my dad brought me to when I was probably too young to see it and I thought it was fantastic then.  It's 'An American Werewolf In London'.  I recently watched it again and despite some special effects that look a little dated (although at least they aren't CGI!) it holds up pretty well.  The movie stars David Naughton, who at the time was best known for doing Dr. Pepper commercials, and Griffin Dunne. They are friends traveling through London when they end up in a place they were warned to avoid and then all the trouble begins.  An interesting thing about this movie is it was written and directed by John Landis, who at the time was best know for comedies like 'Animal House' and 'The Blues Brothers''.  Michael Jackson liked the effects in this movie so much he hired Landis to direct his full length video for 'Thriller'.  Enjoy and remember not to confuse this movie with the piece of crap 'American Werewolf In Paris' which was released years later.